How does it work?



You learn more about the challenges and trends of digital transformation through our publications, online tools and events
You submit a request for support in the digital transformation of your company or one of its functions or processes, directly or by following the recommendations of our online assessment tool.
We propose a selection of certified experts in the field corresponding to your needs and you choose to contact one or more recommended consultants. You can also get in touch directly with a consultant that you already know and with whom you want to work.
The chosen consultant (s) contacts you via Integrated Messaging. You exchange information necessary to refine your request and the consultant sends back a proposal.
When agreed, you validate your request (this is when you sign up), and make a payment to the secure vault. Your payment is kept in the safe and will be transferred to the consultant after your validation of the successful completion of his mission.
The service is performed, you are informed by the consultant of its progress.
 You confirm the completion of your order&nbsp;and rate the service provider</span></p>
Your payment is released to the service provider and to Digispin for the part corresponding to its commission.


You submit your membership application to Digispin through the platform
After interview(s), you sign the Digispin Charter and are certified according to your experience and areas of expertise
You can promote yourself on the platform by contributing to our publications with articles aimed at sharing your points of view of experts, and by participating in our meetings and exchanges between professionals of the digital transformation.
We propose missions targeted to your areas of experience
You contact the requesting client to refine their needs, propose and negotiate your services
Your customers place orders through the platform and pay the amount of the service to the safe. The amount paid includes the payment of the service and the commission of Digispin.
You deliver the mission.
If your service includes the sale of the software solution (or the service) of a Digispin partner, you contact this partner and benefit from the specific contractual conditions defined for the Digispin Consultants.

The customer confirms the completion of the service, and your rating, which releases the immediate payment of your service. In case of dispute, Digispin intervenes as an arbitrator to help resolve the dispute.
If your activities keep on developing with the customer, you benefit from the reduced commission rate for the following invoices.
If you can not personally meet the demand of one of your customers, you can bring this mission to the platform. You will then be paid as a business provider at the end of the service and after payment by the client